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Restocking the marketers toolbox

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Aberdeen Group recently published a report called “Restocking the marketers toolbox in the digital age”. The report is based on a survey of over 140 retail businesses and looks at their multichannel marketing strategies. The purpose, to determine what elements of these strategies are common to successful businesses. I.e. what separates the industry leaders from the industry laggards. It has some interesting findings like:

The use of social media marketing is another area where Best-in-Class retailers are head and shoulders above their competition. Best-in-Class retailers that have thought out a strategic plan for social media's role are seeing results, especially in the form of increased ROI

The Best-in-Class are six-times more likely than Laggards to currently use mobile marketing tools.

The report is available from the URL below. Apparently it is free until the end of July after which, it will be sold for $399. It is well researched and well worth the read.


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